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Write exams at the time you wish!!

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Now let's get into this wild topic of exams.
I'm much in the experience of noticing creatures called humans, getting into this exam stress and mostly for the short period. I remember taking shower last night with the anxiousness of writing exam the very next day, to which I was barely prepared for. I knew I didn't manage time, but, thinking around this loop of thoughts, I asked myself what if, tahw fi, exams were conducted at night rather than in casual morning for which I thrust myself from the waking part till I reach the examination hall, the reason being my indolent mind and not me, please mark. As soon as I came, my thoughts started marching back, having those long '_____' to trouble me around.(not every sentence makes sense, unless YOU frame it properly).
My teacher says to start from the basics, so do I. I, unlike any other lackadaisical fellow started searching on this inviting place called internet about what the exam was, surprisingly, wiki shows up the result in pretty much half a second to which I felt kooky over my fast typing speed. The moment I started reading those wiki words which fully pointed the existence of my life, saying, 'short form of examination'...until I scrolled over examination. Examination is a big term, I remember those days when I was 4 and struggled to get it correct. Anyways, getting back with the thesis, so, by following the definition, it says, 'a formal test of a person's knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill.' I was good with my thoughts, meanwhile not a single credit was given to 'specific' time ,and I trust wiki.

 I'm not reasoning to ban exams(:-!), neither I am criticising about the educational system even though I hate writing exams, but, I'm just questioning the dogma, for why can't we just decide the particular time to attempt something which is vital(ooh, in India) to us and will be reflecting sheepskin at school level.
Going further, my mind whispers to dig deeper so I went before to my friends asking for their most productive part of the day to write exams. With no surprise, I was questioned back to why even write exams, though I confess, I questioned again with a broad smile expecting such answers. And before some started calling me douchebag or some (not really, just made it honsetly so now to frame it rhymingly), I went further asking this question to get some repartee which ironically turned to surprise(I didn't reveal the purpose to collect them as stats) and in particular 6 out of 10 prefered night over morning timings(including me). Very well, some of us resemble to the body clock of night creatures, whereas some as a lark to which I wholesome agree. But then again, my anticipation kept on rising while I transcribe my thoughts as below.

I wonder what if we are given the right to enter for board exams according to the time we wish, call it a day or night, just according to your productive part of the day!!
Yea yeah, I got the point of calling it stupidity but look at the pros, answer to question of how far can this improve (maybe my) grades unlike of many other children. Writing exams might not be the toughest job(mostly) anymore, choose according to the body clock. Enter the examination hall at your wish, though entering is a compulsion, no bunks like in class(es).

For some, thinking over it is as hard as thinking for the theism or not, but belief in something is better than belief in nothing. So is with me, I believe in my thought(s),like  this thought of presenting desperate students (like me) to the examination hall according to their body clock resulting improvement in grades, less stress, and less burden for studies.

I'm well aware of the cons here.
Call it a lil more work for the exam management team, the con of improper timing for all students, or the over rights for the students. But with all these cons, only makes me question myself, 'Is it more important than the student's grade, life, mental health? I think for the straight No, not at all.
 Since, different problems gets different solutions respectively. Might be a deal to think more.

"Think. Think More. Acquire Knowledge. Think Again. Go for what others might not know. Share."

Let me know What do you think about this.
Is it good giving exams according to the body clock? Or with all? Share your opinions.

This is all for this guys,
It's Hteca signing out,
Have a Great day.

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  1. Nice coverage on the topic of exams and writing when it is best to.

  2. I love your writing. It is so elegant. This is a great take on exams. I too hate exams but a necessity.

    1. Thanks for joining the club of : 'No Exams Anymore' , haha.πŸ˜…

  3. I'm wasn't really a fan of Exams. I think internal assessment is a much better system :)

    1. Relating..! Meanwhile, i hate that moment when frds compare marks, not for the reason I get low marks...I do get good marks....but the reason that it makes no sense. Best competitor to you is yourself.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love your writing style! It´s so personal! And great topic!

  5. Nice points on exams. As an educator, I know the pros and cons. I truly prefer project based learning. It is more "real world".

    1. Exactly, nowadays exam be like, write the answer by any means, just to score marks, and to show off! And I hate it. A project based learning, knowing exactly what we are being taught is very important.

  6. I am also an educator and I would love to do away with exams completely! Exams stress kids out and any info they cram in their heads, they just forget anyway!

    1. I think getting away with exams completely won't make a very good impact. Its has its own advantages and disadvantages, a debatable topic.
      And at the part of kids forgetting away info, i can relate it completelty.
      Thanks for sharing ur thoughts. ✌πŸ‘:-)

  7. Your writing style is so good, I love it , And you have chosen a very good topic!

  8. Exams are the worst! One of the reasons I'm so glad to not be in school anymore is that I don't have to study or stress about exams.


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