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Connection with Literature

To be straight at my part, literature is a potter who shapes the society.(here,pot)

 For me literature isn't only about the language, it is the aura of knowledge, emotions and play a author shares in his book, a poet in his poetry and a writer in his writery (I know it isn't any word, just flow in). With that, the literature does its job quite well, by improving the use of words which we call as vocabulary, the proper understanding of sentences which we call the depth meaning and also to forge us into a better being. Literature has always saved our time. Don't trust me? Well, the songs you have been listening to or the books you have been reading till now, have bombarded you with most of the experiences​ of writers, saving decades from your lifespan to experience yourself. Amazed with a lil smile on your face right? I like it. Literature has been a aid for loneliness too. It has always been a direct proportion with how much you read to how much you gain in your life. For the society's part, literature has changed the perspective of looking at each and everything around, the perspective of living in better way, in short the lifestyle, we call.

 Never felt the need to mention, singing, writing and reading together forms the literature part in your life. Fun fact coming by : the read you are giving at present is a part literature in your life as well.
 There is so much to gain from literature, so do the students get an extra copy of literature in schools(mostly). Just imagine, millions of writers, with billions of experiences, and thousands of readers, can even make this a better place to live. Don't take it wrong, literature is everywhere, the thoughts in your mind, folks in cultural programs you visit, the books you read, everywhere. But for the sake of reading, it lacks in readers(my thought).
So why not to just start reading for yourself? Just to make a better 'you' and this a better 'place'.
Today I can happily say, whatever, whosoever I'm today, is by the books I read, the songs I listened to, the articles I wrote, and the thoughts I got, indeed the literature has shaped me for what a person I turned myself to.
This will be a never ending process for me, for you,and for the humanity.

Listen more, read more, write more, think more and yes, talk less.

This was all I wanted to share in this blog,
If you felt like sharing do share,
This is HT signing out,
You have a great day, bye :-)


  1. Beautifully written post! I particularly enjoyed the part about how literature comes in different forms such as songwriting. I always like to concentrate on song lyrics. I enjoy unravelling the hidden meaning, it's almost if the artist is baring their soul to their audience. It really is beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much ....i've always been the guy that tunes lyrics along the way to home :-P

  2. Thisnis a great post... great piece of literature! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Yes, very say we are what we listen to, read , etc. Just a pity alot of what is going on around us, in the news , papers isn't what we want to be hearing.

    1. Exactly, we have turn it through positivity. It goes with what comes around.

  4. I agree, words are more powerful than most of us think. I enjoyed reading and i like the new theme :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes, we talk too much and forget to listen! I don't know what your theme was before, but I like this one. :)

    1. Yea one from my artistic mind๐Ÿ˜...not really!

  6. Beautiful pieces like these make me realise I really should read more. I love the picture by the way!

    1. Ooh thanks...reading more will always help.๐Ÿ˜‰


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