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A letter to my friends

This letter belongs to all of my friends out there supporting me from the beginning, being with me, abusing me (yeah) in a way to give constructive criticism, and loving me as much as I do them.

Dear friends,
Sometimes the life becomes way more quiet and boring without you. From enjoying the lil moments of taking each other's things to discussing each other's career, we all have grown up with living those moments. I'm sorry, it feels the years have now passed by, we haven't spoken much with a lot to talk about, for the work I can't complain much. By heart, we are pretty much the same, but in mind, you wanted the blue ocean and I dreamt of yellow land. My thoughts have always shown the life separating us from the hindsight, but thanks to life, today I love you more. Though I confess, today the life is in much solitude, for the work I can't complain much.
It's always the 'same pride' we carried from school, what about the same love, same mistakes, same passion?. We all fought, beaten up each other like a fuck, even criticized each other, although a lot to explain each other, for the work 'we' can't complain much.
With all the memories we've been marching back, with a big smile on our grown face, with a mental sight of all those teachers and some bummer inside our heart to live them again. It was always the love we shared for each other by calling 'pagal'(mad) with our lil mouth to 'chutiya'(douchebag) with the grown up mouth, not the critic time.
No, I haven't forgotten you (old)friend. That would be the stupid me to leave cameo along the way in the castle. There always be a bank to save memories and characters, but for the work, I can't complain much. There can't be any blanked out memory while thinking about you. You know, I love you more today. There is always more to talk about, although for the work 'we' can't complain much.
Hope you all doin' well.

Someone who loves YOU.

This letter shows the feeling(s) I share for my friends who were(are) with me from a very long time (whopping 10 years). And now after a year or so without being in much contact with each other, there is only one thing left to say, I MISS YOU GUYS.
Batch:- 2015-16 | Class 10 | Y.P.S

It's HT signing out,
Have a great day :-)


  1. Just Awesome lines 😘😘😘
    Miss u too...

  2. This is so beautiful!

  3. i love that! thank you for sharing something so real, so genuine.

    1. Thanks jackie:-)...good to see you around!

  4. The best part about good friends is they understand that life gets in the way sometimes. I love what you wrote and completely understand and get this. It's hard to always stay in touch and the real friends are always there waiting to pick back up where you left off!

    1. Exactly. Thanks for the appreciation, means alot. πŸ˜ƒ

  5. I hope you can pick up with your friends. Sometimes there are ups and downs in friendships

  6. What a beautiful way to share thoughts with your friends :)

  7. What a great letter. The best friends really are the ones who don't come with a list of obligations in order to stay friends. You give what you have when you have it and you dont have to make excuses if life gets busy for a while

    1. Yes, obligations are never on the list.

  8. What a passionate letter!
    You can really see that you put your heart and soul into it.
    Im sure your friends are truly touched

    1. Heart and soul are the key elements in any work.
      Thanks for stopping by.πŸ˜ƒ

  9. This is so beautiful! I loved reading it and I missed my best friend too...

    1. Thanks alot. I miss em' too...though life goes on and I'm happy. πŸ˜ƒ

  10. 😒 can feel the love here...beautiful post

  11. Very thoughtful, even poetic .

    1. Haha, never thought of writing like a poet, but sometimes it just comes from within. Everyone who has feeling(s) is a poet, until you just start expressing them.
      Thanks for the comment. πŸ˜ƒ

  12. What a beautiful letter :)


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