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Age Difference: True friendship Dies

Welcome htecians, the society is turning to be a real bummer at some points and hence I wanted to light a problem of 'age factor'. Hope you enjoy it:)

Now this is something unusual in my life. I'm not much of a naughty guy nor the most sincere kinda, I might be rather both, ooh well, not sure enough though. But I don't think immaturity still strikes me, and that's what matters I guess, until you're ready to face the world.

We experince different situations in life, some common, some unusual, some good, while some worse but where would you place this age factor in your society. Take an example on this,
You're 22…, though you have some good friends of age 18 or lower, how are you supposed to deal the society's thoughts on you? For the friendship between 22 and 18, they may have bad opinions on YOU, they may consider YOU to be the childish sort of, they might also come to the conclusion of you showing superiority on your friend on the name friendship and …
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I wish to be a child again

Hi my dear Htecians. Hope you all doing great. I'm doing good. Thanks for catching up again. Today I wrote about somehing I strongly feel in my heart. Hope you like it. Enjoy the read.
Here You go;

I wish, I was a child again, things looked the same bright and gay,

I wish, playing in the heyday, and hide and seeks at the end of a day,

I wish people not bother me in this life hall, instead play under this yellow ball,

I wish, I had nothing to worry about, Mommy and Granny all my around,

I wish, wish that lil things be in my heart, and greed burning under the hearth,

I wish to be an ignorant, rather than a cognizant in all,

I wish, wish that, my thoughts were boundless, and not to my I right Educator?

I wish loyal friends never left my side, and toys never see me hide,

I wish, wish the day ends with a moon's goodnight and same cartoon in my mind,

I wish, wish that, the dreams were for the  impossible rather than the fear of possible,

I wish, I wish no one car…

Write exams at the time you wish!!

Welcome to my wonderful loyal readers, and also welcome to my new readers. People call me Hteca, and here we have the army of Htecians...sounds cool right? Make sure you join this awesomely amazing army by writing in the subscription box and letting me know.

Now let's get into this wild topic of exams.
I'm much in the experience of noticing creatures called humans, getting into this exam stress and mostly for the short period. I remember taking shower last night with the anxiousness of writing exam the very next day, to which I was barely prepared for. I knew I didn't manage time, but, thinking around this loop of thoughts, I asked myself what if, tahw fi, exams were conducted at night rather than in casual morning for which I thrust myself from the waking part till I reach the examination hall, the reason being my indolent mind and not me, please mark. As soon as I came, my thoughts started marching back, having those long '_____' to trouble me around.(not every …

What to do during 10th vacations? (Part 2)

Before even getting started, have a best luck for your 10th grade results. I know,I knowits too early for this, just consider. Don't worry much my friends everything will be fine and just remember, you did the best, you will get the best.

Let's follow the tittle now :-D

Where it is the ocean of knowledge for you, you slosh in and out for better score and now it's the land my friend, time to relax a bit to start the "actual work". No more the growing stage to follow up, stand on your own feets, start walking, start moving ahead. The time waits for none, even not for the mightest of mighty.(still remember Ozymandias? Great, comment if you do)Once it was the golden time for we passed outs, now its your turn to give more efforts and Start preparing, start making things happen, it isn't a child's play anymore.

Please note,career is something you have to rely on yourself. Don't pressurise yourself from parents, teacher(s), or anyone else for choosing what Y…

What to do during 10th vacations? (Part 1)

Before you start goin' with the flow of my ideas, you might consider the second part which I will be uploading before this weekend about 'how you can start preparing for 11th in your vacations?'. So stay tuned and let's do it!!

Every student wants to relax after completing the first milestone of their life, 10th boards. You might consider to enjoy in these three months of gap, but why not to use this time in an efficient way as well. To be honest, I wasted my one whole month instead of doing something better. And why? Only because of my LAZINESS.
Now, don't be 'me' at this, use your time in the best way possible. Com'on it's three months for you, you can relax (as much) and do some crazy things to turn tables.
So here are some of ideas you should consider ;

Join Computer/Art/Dance,etc Class(es):-
Before you start being like, ooh I didn't knew that? I know, it is obvious. You have great advantages over these courses.
Suppose you join a Computer c…

Connection with Literature

To be straight at my part, literature is a potter who shapes the society.(here,pot)

 For me literature isn't only about the language, it is the aura of knowledge, emotions and play a author shares in his book, a poet in his poetry and a writer in his writery (I know it isn't any word, just flow in). With that, the literature does its job quite well, by improving the use of words which we call as vocabulary, the proper understanding of sentences which we call the depth meaning and also to forge us into a better being. Literature has always saved our time. Don't trust me? Well, the songs you have been listening to or the books you have been reading till now, have bombarded you with most of the experiences​ of writers, saving decades from your lifespan to experience yourself. Amazed with a lil smile on your face right? I like it. Literature has been a aid for loneliness too. It has always been a direct proportion with how much you read to how much you gain in your life. For …

Teenager's Biggest Problem!

Wouldn't it sound true when I say,'teenage years be like when you try to stand on quicksand to show you're​ independent, instead you just have to be in a position of sleep until help comes (years pass by). Yeah, true right. Ooh fine, you can take more couple of seconds to flow in the rhythm. Here's what you should consider thinking more about;

  A Problem No-one wants to talk about!
   This is, quite sadly, related to many teenagers with added, very few adults to freely talk about! Yes, it's true, might not be in your country, but here in India, this problem seeks a different way. To be more clear enough, the majority of the teenagers today are in some sort of relationships. Every teen wants to fit in this trend which makes them feel more 'cool' and 'with the group', duh? The stats say the age of youngsters losing virginity has drastically reduced. Today it seems common among children as young as 13-16 years be in relationships! So how can we preven…