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Teenager's Biggest Problem!

Wouldn't it sound true when I say,'teenage years be like when you try to stand on quicksand to show you're​ independent, instead you just have to be in a position of sleep until help comes (years pass by). Yeah, true right. Ooh fine, you can take more couple of seconds to flow in the rhythm. Here's what you should consider thinking more about;

  A Problem No-one wants to talk about!
   This is, quite sadly, related to many teenagers with added, very few adults to freely talk about! Yes, it's true, might not be in your country, but here in India, this problem seeks a different way. To be more clear enough, the majority of the teenagers today are in some sort of relationships. Every teen wants to fit in this trend which makes them feel more 'cool' and 'with the group', duh? The stats say the age of youngsters losing virginity has drastically reduced. Today it seems common among children as young as 13-16 years be in relationships! So how can we prevent the teens from getting a permanent heart broken, or an early unwanted pregnancy?

It's definitely not a problem with a sure cut solution, instead something to be discussed by teenagers with their parents, if not teachers and if not with someone they feel more closer to. But the fact is, not many adults want to actually discuss this issue in a friendly way, and tend to think that it is the responsibility of the school! Which isn't completely true. So here is something, I even going through my teen years myself, would like to share with you all,

Something to parents,
Dear Parents/Guardians,
We, teenagers, don't have the only problem you parents want to clear about. If you and the teachers always ask us to study and study, it isn't easy for us to concentrate with such distractions. These distractions aren't easy to deal with ourselves alone. Sometimes, you have to open up for such problems, we are not 'adults' anyway. We find it inadvertent when hormonal changes don't only increase the gap between you and us, but also increase the desire of more & more freedom in us. At this point of time(teen years), there is not much of your 'parenthood' role which can help us, we need a good 'friend-hood' zone with you. Who's gonna make us walk in such darkness? who's gonna show us the right direction? it's ultimate 'you', who will make us choose the right path. You came through these in your teenage years, you know how's the feeling like, so why not to change the perspective with much of friend-hood, just to make better us (teens), better tomorrow. Thank you so much.We know, you always love us more than anything else.

To teenagers,

Well, let's be free to talk. It's nothing for which you should feel ashamed about. We all go through this, and that's the fact. From my point, you should consider avoiding
adult videos & songs (as much as possible), loving your Gf/bf instead love your family more. Now before you start criticizing me, let me make another point before you, most of the teens that have been in these relationships have either been into depression or attraction towards the other sex. So if you think you got your true love, try to preserve it. By that, I mean, first concentrate on your studies completely(& only), and after when your(both) age permits, then go with such activities under parents' permit only, trust me they will agree since they share the same love for you. And please understand, if your love distracts you every next time, the chances are often that it is just the attraction (at teenage especially) not the actual love, so better leave such situations. If you don't, it will ultimately land you and your parents into problems only. As I mentioned earlier, it's the quicksand you're standing on, don't try to solve your all problems by yourselves, take advice, take a second thought before doing anything, and yes, always remember there is someone who loves you more than anyone else can, it's your parents.

To teachers/school's soul,
There should be always a lil bit more push about sex-education by arranging seminars. You know your other responsibilities anyway(Sarcasm intended).

It's always better to wait for the true love rather than just rushing by.

This was pretty much for this blog,
Hope you enjoyed it,
It's HT signing out,
Have a great day :-)


  1. As a mother of a teenager, I try to learn as much as I can about his development and what I can do to support him. Thanks for the post!

  2. I've raised 4 children and always kept very open communication with them. I'm not a grandma yet and all of my children are focused on career and their personal growth first. Heartbreak is inevitable and everyone goes through at least one, but you are right. Communication is key.

    1. Yes, that will ultimately strengthen the bond between you and your children.
      Thanks for considering my point.😊

  3. Being teenager is hard for me because i dont have anyone to talk to with the emotion and distraction that I have. I hope parents nowadays will be more understanding towards their children. :)

    1. Teenage years are for all, same situation so don't feel sad. Be happy, parents will understand soon :-)


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