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What to do during 10th vacations? (Part 1)

Before you start goin' with the flow of my ideas, you might consider the second part which I will be uploading before this weekend about 'how you can start preparing for 11th in your vacations?'. So stay tuned and let's do it!!

Every student wants to relax after completing the first milestone of their life, 10th boards. You might consider to enjoy in these three months of gap, but why not to use this time in an efficient way as well. To be honest, I wasted my one whole month instead of doing something better. And why? Only because of my LAZINESS.
Now, don't be 'me' at this, use your time in the best way possible. Com'on it's three months for you, you can relax (as much) and do some crazy things to turn tables.
So here are some of ideas you should consider ;

  Join Computer/Art/Dance,etc Class(es):-
Before you start being like, ooh I didn't knew that? I know, it is obvious. You have great advantages over these courses.
Suppose you join a Computer course of C++ today, boom after you register yourself for 12th boards with CS subject, just keep a eye on grades of your compeers. Not only for computer courses, you have many classes to think about, do it on your interest.

   Play Daily (or Thrice​ a Week atleast):-
Whether or not, you used to go to school regularly with a schedule followed and suddenly when to come to this huge vacation, it will decrease your stamina level and to compensate it, try to catch up with more and more physical activites rather then just sitting in one place with phone/pc. Play, go out, make new friends, or spend time with old buddies before they leave. It is worth it, make it into your consideration as well.
    Do some experiments:-
Most of the students are interested in doing those sci-fi experiments. Who didn't felt like being scientist by playing with DC motor in childhood? Why not to go for more creative ideas and make use of this vacation. Well, Best luck for the ideas, who knows, you might be the next winner in Google science fair project.

Take it mandatory for yourself, the more communicate with literature, the more you understand it, the more skills you. 'Literature is life', someone said. Work on literature, com'on you know how it can be useful your future. Try for atleast 2 languages, it will be worth giving time to. For knowing the connection between literature, catch my previous blog.

   Start a blog:-
I mean why not. You have three wholesome months. And again if you feel like continuing, you can write for once a week in your +1/+2. There is alot to write about, so many niches to cover, so much think about, with so many creative ideas to work on. I've seen better writers than me, younger than me, even creative than me, so why not to it give a try. Meanwhile, don't disturb your career for your hobbies until they turn into your passion. Another advantage would be, you're preparing for your IELTS or TOEFL indirectly.

   Visits/Night stays/Fun with buddies:-
Enjoy as much as you want. Visit to whichever place you wanted to go, meanwhile after getting into +1, it is harder to even get out from your schedule, keel visiting aside. Make night stays at friend's house, every single second of time with your old friends could be your last time (who knows). Go and meet your relatives, friends, each and everyone, that's it for these  three months. After that, forget everything it is only your study and your career. Do enjoy.

   Don't be lazy:-
This is where I myself went wrong through. I turned to be more and more dependent, hence became lazy, and wasted hell lot of time. DON'T BE LAZY. Do something everytime, let your mind active, be enthusiastic about your further academic years, be positive.

   Work on fitness:-
Let' be true. How many students actually do yoga, meditation? Not most. How many of us know their benefit? Most of us.
So why not start doin' it? If not how are we supposed to actually call ourselves 'educated'? Bring a change in, start doing something new. Work on your fitness, you don't know how well it can help you in your +1/+2. The more you're fit, the more you're active, the more smarter you turn, the more grades you get. Do yoga and meditation. Track your fitness for good figures.

If you have more ideas in your mind, do let me know. Comment them right below, go, do it now.

Don't go off your track during this time period, be free, relax as much as you can.
And yes, use your time efficiently. Don't forget about the +1/+2 academic years, start preparing beforehand. It's not a child's play anyway.
You will be fine with your boards. Time to move ahead. Best luck, you have another milestone coming by, start preparing....

 "It is better than preparing without an opportunity then having an opportunity without being prepared for."      - Someone

This was everything for this blog,
It's HT signing out,
Have a great day! :-)


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